• White Mage Music is a venture that began in 2004, starting with writing for one marching band in central Pennsylvania. Bringing a fresh sound and new energy to the program, the design propelled the band to one of its best competitive years in many years.
    The success demonstrated in that first year led to growth over the coming years, adding more collaborators and clients each year.
    As White Mage Music marked the end of its first decade designing for bands, representing a half dozen consistent clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. Each program showing continual growth and new successes year over year. This has been a consistent philosophy of White Mage Music: providing band students with an excellent experience that allows each and every performer to grow and expand their abilities.

  • Now completing another decade, White Mage Music has expanded their reach to band students in Texas, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and California. The designers of White Mage Music bring a dozen years of experience teaching and designing for drum corps in DCI, DCA (All-Age Corps), and Drum Corps Europe (DCE). Groups performing productions designed by White Mage Music have excelled in competition on a regular basis. These successes include several repeated Texas UIL Area Finalists in 4A, 5A, and 6A, Indiana's ISSMA State Championships, South Carolina's SCBDA State Championships and Cavalcade of Bands and Tournament of Bands circuit championships in the northeast. In recent years, our clients have won State and Circuit championships the region covering Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. This commitment to excellence and delivering high-quality products to students is at the core of what we do.

  • In addition to music design, White Mage Music also delivers quality products, doing sound design for marching bands in the fall and audio editing for the indoor season. Audio work from White Mage Music has been integral in the success of several World, Open, and Regional color guards.

    Outside of the marching arts, White Mage Music is also the publisher for concert music by composer Ryan J Williams. Williams holds a Masters degree from West Chester University and a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of South Carolina. His works range for all types of concert ensembles, including solos, chamber ensembles, works for large forces, and works for and with electronics. 
    In 2023, his Wind Ensemble works Spirals and To Thee//From Thee were semifinalists for the prestigious American Prize. His mellophone concert Shades of Red was a finalist for The American Prize, and his virtual ensemble Mandatory Social Distancing won an honorable mention for artistic and technical achievements in The American Prize.

  • But why "White Mage Music?"

    We're video game nerds. More specifically, Role Playing Games. In this genre of gaming, our preferred "class" (think of it like a job, or a role) is that of the White Mage -- the healer. The White Mage's job in the group of players is to heal everyone around them - to take care of all of their teammates while those other players that are doing the heavy lifting get all the glory.
    That comes to the core of how we work as a part of your team: we'll do everything we can to make your band successful and while you're doing the hard work, you can get all the credit.