Don't Get Left Behind! How To Get Ahead Of The Curve With Proactive Arrangers and Composers!

Don't Get Left Behind! How To Get Ahead Of The Curve With Proactive Arrangers and Composers!

To all high school band directors out there, we know how challenging it can be to set your marching band apart from the crowd. With dozens of bands vying for the same top spots and accolades, it's easy to fall behind the curve. That's why, as this season comes to a close, it's more essential than ever to start planning ahead for the next. The key is to be proactive and secure a great team of arrangers and composers to help you stand out and excel next year. In this blog post, we'll be exploring just how you can get ahead of the crowd and how critical it is not to get left behind.

Creating winning marching band arrangements is an art form that separates the excellent ensembles from the crowd. The first step to getting ahead of the curve is to secure a great team of arrangers and composers who can help your marching band shine. Don't wait too long to find the right arranger and get everyone on board before the start of the next school year. Put aside the memory of last-minute arranging stress and make this year a different story. Take the step today in ensuring you have a top-notch team at your back.

One of the best ways to secure a talented compositional team is to network and stay active in marching band groups or online forums. Often, the best way to find great arrangers and composers is by word of mouth. Don't be afraid to reach out to your colleagues to seek recommendations and make new connections. With the right team in place, your marching band can be transformed.

Take the time to research different arrangers and composers, and to get in touch with them personally. This will allow you to get a better understanding of their work, and learn what they can do differently. Don't be afraid to offer specific requests or ideas – well-structured feedback can help a composer create a composition that suits the strengths and weaknesses of your marching band.

Another way to ensure you're not left behind is to keep abreast of the latest trends and techniques in marching band arrangements. Attend seminars or workshops and stay on top of the latest innovations. Always keep in mind that outstanding arrangements, while excellent, are not just about following trends; it's about creating arrangements that are uniquely tailored to your marching band's specific strengths.


Great marching bands don't happen by accident; they are created with careful curation and hard work. Take care not to let this opportunity for growth slip through your fingers. Secure the right team of arrangers and composers today, and don't let next year be just another ordinary year. Stay ahead of the curve and create something extraordinary. Remember: it's never too late to start planning and make improvements for better results. So, go ahead and make the right choice for you and your band by securing the best team of arrangers and composers today.

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