As a band director, you understand that conducting a successful program requires a lot of work. In addition to rehearsing and performing, you also have to create and manage your program's content. Whether it's music, drill, choreography, or anything in between, you will need the help of writers and arrangers at some point. But to ensure that you get the best results from your team, it's crucial to have a plan in place. This blog will provide you with valuable insights on how to work with writers as a band director.

Respect the Writers' Time
When working with writers, it's essential to respect their time. If you need multiple conversations to discuss your requirements, be willing to consider compensating them for the extra time spent. You should keep in mind that writers are used to working with tight deadlines and are often multi-tasking. Therefore, it's essential to give them a clear idea of the deliverables and the timeline upfront so that you can work together in a more productive manner.

Mileage May Vary
You're going to work with several writers, and everyone is different from one another. Each designer is going to have a different schedule and different work-flow. Therefore, it's an excellent strategy to be patient with your writing team and communicate your needs in a timely manner.

Avoid Being Needy in May/June/July
With the bulk of the designers' work happening in May/June/July, asking for your writing (and revisions!) needs all at once can become stressful. Thus, it's best to have a plan where designing content is spread out earlier in the year to avoid overburdening the team. Creating more manageable checkpoints recognized by you and each writer can help distribute the pressure of creating and revising productions evenly and circumvent a potential bottleneck at the start of band camp.

Have Definitive Timelines and Give Writers Time To Write
To deliver quality show design, it's vital to have definitive timelines in mind. Ensure the designers have enough time to review and write their respective pieces. Before finalizing the timeline with your team, have an open discussion, obtain feedback, and make adjustments when necessary to avoid compromising content quality as well as maintain a healthy writer's communication process.

Asking for Revisions and Setting Time Expectations
Asking for revisions is an essential component of ensuring the content is top-notch. Communicating revisions with the respective writers should have set timelines in the writing process that include adequate time. Providing this time allows your designers to acquire fresh eyes to make necessary edits, as your writer can ensure a quality final product.

Writing and creating a band show is a team activity, and it takes effort and time from both you and your designers to deliver excellent results. This blog's tips aim to provide guidance on how to work with writers so that you can make the most of your time and resources. Ultimately, a plan will ensure that you and your writers can produce high-quality and effective content. Remember to always have a set timeline to make the most of your writer's contributions, communicate effectively and respect your writing team's time to ensure optimal engagement.

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