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White Mage Music

A Hero Rises

A Hero Rises

Premierd in Pennsylvania, 2022 | 7'04"

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This is a production about a young boy who discovers he is an other-worldly super hero. As he grows up to accept who he is, he begins to understand his charge for life: to make a difference for each and every human on the Earth. He must overcome all his own obstacles in order to be the savior and hero for all of humanity. A thrilling journey of transformation and growth that will empower the hero within us all. Witness a young boy embrace his destiny as he fights to save the world and become the shining symbol of justice and hope.

Permissions to Arrange are required for:

  • What Are You Going to Do by Hans Zimmer (from Man of Steel)
  • Power of the Sun by John Ottman (from Superman Returns)
  • Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down
  • Bank Job and Rough Flight by John Ottman (from Superman Returns)
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