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White Mage Music

Aurora musis amica (String Trio)

Aurora musis amica (String Trio)

2017 | 5'30"

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Aurora Musis amica. Dawn is the friend of the muse.

I have found that, as I get older, I have been amenable to mornings. On those days when I’m not obligated to be somewhere first thing, I don’t mind still setting an alarm, getting up, having a cup of coffee, and setting off on a productive morning. I truly do enjoy mornings.

As I began to explore the sonic world of this piece, I found that it was conveying my mornings, or perhaps the general morning ritual of most of us. We slowly arise form sleep, get out of bed, get our bodies and minds moving, then we’re off on the day. Likewise, this piece accelerates as it unfolds through three main formal sections.

The opening section, entitled “First Light,” is the very start of morning. The sun peeking over the horizon. Or perhaps the first chirps of your bedside alarm, bringing you out of slumber.

Continuing, the second section, “Awakening,” is that moment when the sun starts to warm up the chill of the night. Or maybe more appropriately, when you reluctantly open your eyes and throw the covers off.

Finally, the piece ends with “Day Break.” The sun is fully up. Life has hit its stride for the day. You’ve had your coffee and you’re ready to tackle your daily to-do list.

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