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White Mage Music



Premierd in North Carolina, 2017 | 7'11"

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Black is a journey to self-discovery for students! In a world where societal expectations and pressures can often feel suffocating, "Black" offers a refreshing and empowering escape. This production is not just about entertainment, but about providing a platform for students to reflect on their own journey and find their true selves. Through creative exploration and individual expression, "Black" encourages students to break away from the mold and celebrate their unique differences.

This powerful story allows your students to embark on a journey of self-discovery through music, dance, and drama. Through the main character's journey to find acceptance and love for their differences, students are reminded of the beauty in individuality and the strength of embracing diversity. The uplifting tone of "Black" will inspire and command students to embrace their true selves and be proud of who they are.

Not only does "Black" provide a empowering message, but it also brings communities together. Through the shared experience of watching this production, students will be able to celebrate their differences and create stronger bonds with their peers. "Black" celebrates the power of diversity and the importance of inclusivity in our society.

With its powerful message and inspiring tone, "Black" is a must-have for any school or educational institution. It offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in self-reflection and break away from the expectations of society. So don't miss out on this transformative and uplifting production - empower your students to embrace their true selves and celebrate the beauty of diversity!

Copyright clearances required:

  • Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones
  • Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance


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