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White Mage Music

Daydreams & Ruminations

Daydreams & Ruminations

2014 | 8'15"

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Growing up as a creative boy with an active imagination, I would have moments that I became aware my mind was wandering. When that awareness would come into focus, I would stop to think back at the various thoughts that had crossed my mind, and would marvel at how unrelated ideas could find the faintest threads to link themselves together in the moments where you lose your awareness of time passing.

Those times when your mind wanders are intriguing - you slowly lose your sense of time, and your mind finds itself musing on one ideas, then it shifts to another, and another. Eventually, something brings you back around and you regain your sense of time and your sense of the present.

This work, “Daydreams & Ruminations,” is my musical interpretation of those moments. At the outset of the piece, the listener hears that awareness of time fading away. As the sense of time disappears, the listener is taken through different thoughts - those daydreams and ruminations which encapsulate the wandering mind. Each thought is its own thought, linked together by the same loose threads of the wandering mind of a creative child. At the end of the work, the listener regains their sense of the here-and- now, as time returns.

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