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White Mage Music

Deep Discovery

Deep Discovery

Premierd in South Carolina, 2020 | 7'38"

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Welcome to the world of self-discovery with Deep Discovery. Our production will take you on an exhilarating journey through the metaphor of mining, where you will not only find valuable treasures within yourself, but also a newfound sense of worth and purpose.

Through our high-energy band show, we will guide you through the process of self-reflection and uncovering your true potential, much like a miner searching for gold, silver, and titanium. Each step of the way, you will be immersed in our powerful music and captivating visuals, pushing you to dig deeper and discover the depths of your own being.

Our confident and convincing tone will inspire you to embrace this journey and trust in the process. We believe that the most valuable find you will unearth is yourself, and we are here to help you every step of the way on this transformative expedition. So come, join us at Deep Discovery and let us help you discover the greatness that lies within you. Get ready to mine your inner self and embark on a journey towards self-fulfillment with Deep Discovery.

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  • Titanium (Sia)
  • Aka Red (Andy Akiho)
  • Masquerade Waltz (Aram Khatchaturian)
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