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White Mage Music

Fanfare & Pursuit

Fanfare & Pursuit

2016 | 3'00"

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Growing up and still into adulthood, my father has always been an inspiration to me. I’ll start right off by saying this is no knock against my mom - she, too, is awesome (love you, Mom!) - but there’s something about dads, at least as far as sons are concerned. As a young kid, my dad was Superman. He could do everything! No box was too big to carry. No object too heavy to lift. No shelf too high. No jar lid too tight. Dad could do everything. I was constantly in awe!

Getting older, I started to realize that maybe Dad wasn’t Superman, but he was still pretty super. He worked his tail off to take care of the family. He made sure to make it to all our concerts and performances, and strived to ensure we had everything we needed to be successful, no matter what the cost to him. As I became an adult, I realized this was who I yearned to be. To provide for my family and to take care of everything they needed.

This piece aims to carry these two ideas: the opening fanfare is the arrival of the Superhero - showing up to solve all crises. The second section is our pursuit, striving to achieve that idealized version of our parents. Sure, maybe they aren’t infallible - but in the eyes of a child, nobody is more perfect than Dad (and Mom! I love you, Mom!). With this in mind, this piece is dedicated to our Dads, Moms, and Parents. Without their endless efforts, we wouldn’t have the opportunities we do!

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