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White Mage Music

Forward Progress

Forward Progress

Premierd in New Jersey, 2019 | 7'45"

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Welcome to Forward Progress, where we celebrate the endless possibilities of science and technological achievement. As humankind, we have always been fascinated by the unknown and the unreachable. And with years of research, trial and error, we have finally been able to turn our dreams into reality by leaving our planet and traveling through space. And what better way to celebrate this incredible feat than with our marching band production.

This production will take your students and audience on a journey of discovery and achievement. Through harmony and melodic textures, they will be transported to a time when the dream of traveling beyond our planet was just a distant thought. They will experience the struggles, challenges, and triumphs that went into creating the journey to put humans on the moon.

With every note played and every step taken, your students will bring to life the story of determination, perseverance, and hope that has inspired generations. The uplifting and inspiring tone of this production will not only entertain but also leave a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of your audience.

Whether you are a teacher looking for a unique and engaging marching band production or a parent searching for an inspiring showcase for your child's talents, Forward Progress has got you covered. Our production is designed to showcase the incredible potential of our youth and inspire them to reach for the stars.

So, join us on this incredible journey and let your students and audience experience the indescribable feeling of Forward Progress. This marching band production will let the power of music and storytelling take you to new heights.

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