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White Mage Music



2016 | 7'30"

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I began working on this project under the tutelage of composer Mark Camphouse, who challenged me to compose a slow piece. At the same time, I was also nursing a fascination of incorporating electronics into the acoustic sound of the concert band. From this challenge and fascination, Moonrise was borne.

As I embarked on the journey to discover the colors that make up Moonrise, I had a sense of the title - namely, the calm serenity that comes with watching the day end and night begin, the moon taking its place in the mysterious indigo of a night sky. While watching the sun set and reflecting on the day that has passed is certainly poetic, there’s an equally evocative sense of anticipation to the start of an entirely different world that thrives only in the dark. With this in mind, I became infatuated with the concept of a Moonrise.

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