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White Mage Music

Muse, Temptress

Muse, Temptress

2014 | 10'15"

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This piece of music was inspired by a person with whom I am very close; a person who means a lot to me. There are times when I am working on composing, but get stuck with not being able to get an idea to go where it needs to or something else just isn’t clear to me. During those moments of frustration, she is able to get me to refocus on the work I’m doing and find the voice of the music once again. Conversely, there are also times when the writing is finished and I’m able to relax. At those times, she is able to distract me, make me laugh, and keep me smiling from morning to night.

The first half of this solo is written for the Muse. It is a lyrical song that sings its sweet tune and calls upon your innermost thoughts, to bring them out to the surface and to inspire you to make magic out of your art. The second half is for the Temptress. There is not better style of music to embody the temptress than the tango. To flow along with the light, moving feel of the Muse, the Temptress is written in the rustic style of a Vals Criollo, or Tango Waltz.

It is both sides of this personality that were my inspiration for this piece of music, which is written for and dedicated to my Muse and my Temptress, the one who can inspire me to work for hours on end or who can tear me away from anything else that life might throw at me.

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