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White Mage Music

The Pharaoh's Throne Room

The Pharaoh's Throne Room

2016 | 2'30"

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Long being a history buff, I’ve always enjoyed studying about and learning about ancient cultures. One of the most fascinating for me has been the Egyptians: a people that seem to be so primitive in comparison to us have had such remarkable feats of construction with the pyramids and the Great Sphinx.

Equally intriguing are the cultural norms of the day, especially the manner in which Egyptians viewed their kings as gods on Earth. The Egyptian people gave their leaders gifts in life and ensured they were equally praised in death. In studying Egyptian history, one can find the lavishness with which the Pharaohs lived, through the generosity of their people.

In composing The Pharaoh’s Throne Room, my goal was to try to provide a musical soundtrack to what the life of the Egyptian Pharaohs may have lived.

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