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White Mage Music

Sneaking out for a Midnight Snack

Sneaking out for a Midnight Snack

2014 | 4'00"

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As I began writing this piece, I started to have a mental image of somebody sneaking down a hallway - the opening conversation between the Bass, Guitar, and Vibes sounding like tiptoes down the hall with the inadvertent step on a creaking floorboard. Somewhere along the way, this conjured the image in my mind of Dagwood Bumstead’s eternal cravings for his famous sandwiches in the middle of the night and his constantly being caught by Blondie.

Throughout the piece, the listener can hear the ideas of both the sneaking down the hall and of course the satisfaction of that wonderful corned beef, swiss cheese, pickle, tomato, all-stacked-up-on-rye- bread sensation that Dagwood gets every night as he has his midnight snack. And of course, after the enjoyment of that great sandwich comes the challenge of sneaking back into bed and going to sleep, satisfied and full.

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