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White Mage Music

Soul-Searching • Duet for Solo Tuba

Soul-Searching • Duet for Solo Tuba

2013 | 6'00"

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During my undergraduate days in college, I had the opportunity to experiment with multiphonics while practicing my tuba. I really had a lot of fun with the technique, but the relatively small body of literature that takes advantage of multiphonics seems to only use it as a special effect.

This is where my composition brain kicked in, and began to think about a piece written with careful consideration for texture, contour, and phrasing, that would allow for the multiphonics to flow as its own voice against the played tuba line. From this conception, the Duet for Solo Tuba was born.

Throughout the piece, there are moments where the tuba plays by itself, to set the mood or begin an idea. There are also moments where the tuba and the multiphonics work together to create great textures - at times, reminiscent of contrapuntal styles of composition.

When performing, care should be taken to ensure that the multiphonics are balanced against the played lines to allow the harmonies to ring through. During practice, also take time to listen to the direction of the multiphonic line so it receives equal treat as does the played line. While the played line is more active, both parts are equally important in the texture of the entire Duet.

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