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White Mage Music

The Cat Burglar

The Cat Burglar

2013 | 4'00"

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As I sat working on this piece of music, one of my furry roommates stopped to bother me at my desk. When he didn't get the attention he wanted, he wandered off through the apartment. A short while after, it got very quiet and he was nowhere to be found.

Later, I discovered him sound asleep in a patch of sunlight on my bed, next to my car keys which had been gingerly and stealthily removed from the table in the living where they're always dropped when I get home.

Going back to continue writing, I began to envision my two little "cat burglars" sneaking around the apartment, getting into whatever trouble they could find, until something better came along. That something better, inevitably, is usually a nap or food.

I do hope you enjoy both performing and listening to "The Cat Burglar."

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