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White Mage Music

We Ride

We Ride

2013 | 12'00"

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“We Ride” was borne of the simple motif that opens the first two measures of the piano part. This motif grabs the listener and embarks upon a journey that continues through all three movements of the work: “We Ride,” “Repose,” and “Race.”

The names of each movement are left purposefully vague, and these programs notes as well are meant to not tell you, the listener, what kind of “Ride” you’re going on. The intent of the composer is that you sit back and let your imagination go on the journey and conjure the mental images suggested by the music and nudged along by the titles of each movement.

I. We Ride

In the opening movement of the work, the listener embarks upon a journey. The piano twists and turns as the ride begins. As the strings enter, the feelings of excitement, energy, and speed build and take the listener on the ride of a lifetime.

II. Repose

Through the course of any journey, a break is needed. In the middle movement, the driving rhythms and constantly evolving harmony of the opening of the piece take a break. Not only slowing down in actual tempo, but also in harmonic motion, the second movement truly gives the listener the chance to relax and reflect on the journey so far. While the movement does build to a yearning climax, it does not pull you along on your trip so much as give you a chance to take in the breathtaking beauty of that area wherever your journey has taken you.

III. Race

In the final movement, the break is over and it’s time to finish the journey. The third movement begins in compound meter, accelerating and obscuring the beat of the music. The intensely thick harmonies and intertwining rhythms make your heart race as you strive to get faster and faster in order to make it to the finish line.

As you reach the conclusion of your journey, it is the composer’s intent that you will have experienced the rush and thrill of some type of ride. While the composer has one vision in mind, the hope is that you will have your own vision and travel on your own ride throughout the movements of “We Ride.”

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