Collection: Marching Band Designs

Look at the collection of existing marching band designs available for purchase.

All show sales will be tracked for geography to ensure that you will not see the same show during your season.

Options for purchase are:

PDF Set As-is: Receive the show in its current format. Any edits will need to be performed in-house.

Minor Edits: We will comb through the show file and make minor adjustments for instrumentation or any extreme range situations.

Purchase the Notation File: You will get the original music notation (Sibelius or XML) file, to which you are able to make any editing necessary for your group.


Important note:
Many of the show designs listed include arrangements of copyrighted works. For those products, you must obtain permission to arrange for each work prior to any of the files being released for your band. This can be done quickly and easily through a clearinghouse such as Tresona Music. We also have a blog post that explains how to skip over Tresona and save your band a lot of money. If you have any questions, let us know.